Mayor of Swakopmund Juuso Kambueshe re-elected to serve her community for next 12 months

SWAKOPMUND: The Mayor of Swakopmund, Juuso Kambueshe of the Swapo Party was today re-elected to serve her community for the next 12 months.

At the election of office bearers for the Swakopmund municipality, Swapo Councillor Rosalia Ndahafa Andreas-Noabes was the first to nominate Kambueshe and the nomination was supported by fellow Swapo Councillor Louise Tlhabanello-Madi.

Anthony Bessinger, also of the Swapo-Party, was re-elected as deputy mayor, his nomination from Tlhabanello-Madi was seconded by another Swapo councillor Rosina Hoabes.

To remain chairperson of management committee, Hoabes was nominated by fellow Swapo councillor Nehemia Salomon and seconded by Bessinger

Andreas-Noabes is the alternative chairperson of the management committee.

Additional members of management committee are Tlhalabanello-Madi, Salomon and Elifas Khoaseb of the United Democratic Front (UDF).

Khoaseb has replaced Ferdinand Hamukwaya who represented the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP).

In his acceptance speech, Kambueshe called for unity among councillors in the municipality, saying they need to work together to be able to deliver services to their people.