Mbumba, Ndeitunga Happy With Elections

SWAPO’S secretary general, Nangolo Mbumba says election day went well and applauded Namibians for behaving when it mattered most.

Mbumba told The Namibian on Friday night that he has not received any reports of political violence.

“Not all, Namibians behave when it matters,” he said.

“Things are going well, people are out there voting. I’m still in the field. Our appeal is that people should be in the line by 21h00 so that they can vote. People can now move to schools and other facilities where there are lights.” he said.

Mbumba who voted around 07h00 believes that the calculations of the cut-off time by ECN might be a bit miscalculated since the pace of the polling officers did not match the time allocated for voting.

The secretary general said the ruling party will set up huge screens at their headquarters to show the results the moment they come through from the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN).

Namibia’s decision to be the first African country to use electronic voting appears to have created frustration among voters who initially thought the process of selecting their leaders would be faster compared to traditional voting.

The election day started off at a slow pace, with some voting machines not working while several centres encountered difficulties with the various digital devices.

A majority of centres visited by The Namibian was swamped with voters waiting in the sun.

Meanwhile, Police chief Sebastian Ndeitunga also confirmed that the polls were peaceful and that no reports of violence has been reported.

He reiterated that the ban of alcohol remains until people are finished voting which could go up to 23h00.

Source : The Namibian