Mbumba Regrets ‘Aafyoona’ Remarks

Swapo secretary-general, Nangolo Mbumba, yesterday said he regrets the remarks he made live on television regarding poor people while introducing President Hifikepunye Pohamba at a Swapo Party rally in Katutura on Saturday.

Mbumba, while inviting Pohamba to the podium to deliver his keynote address to thousands of Swapo supporters attending the ruling party’s last campaign rally at the Sam Nujoma Stadium at the weekend, remarked: “Omake aafyoona ‘nye… ” (give applause, you poor people).

His choice of words, which traditionally were used when intruding a royal speaker to the commoners, sparked quite a storm among the crowd and viewers of national broadcaster NBC TV.

Within seconds, social networks were abuzz with views about the former safety and security’s remarks, with some saying he was arrogant and insensitive. A video recording of his remarks immediately went viral on social media and the WhatsApp mobile platform.

The fact that the remarks were made in Katutura – where the majority of Windhoek’s poor people live – only deepened discontent among hordes of disappointed TV viewers and the thousands in attendance at the packed stadium.

However, a deeply apologetic Mbumba yesterday told New Era that he regretted his choice of words. “I regret the remarks. They were not meant to hurt anyone.”

The Swapo chief administrator said “ovafyoona” has two meanings – poor people and common people.

Source : New Era