Mbumba’s remarks is degrading and insulting:APP

WINDHOEK; The All People’s Party (APP) strongly condemns the insult and abuse of disadvantaged people by a Swapo leader.

APP president Ignatius Shixwameni was reacting to a statement by Swapo Secretary-General (SG) Nangolo Mbumba when he said “Omake aafyoona nye” during a Swapo rally at the Sam Nujoma Stadium on Saturday.

Translated into English “Omake aafyoona nye” means “clap hands you poor people”, and is perceived by many as an insult.

The APP strongly condemns the mentality of insulting and abusing the disadvantaged majority of society whilst still wanting to benefit from their votes, said Shixwameni in a media statement issued on Monday.

“We are made to understand that this is not the first time that the Swapo-Party SG uses this degrading and insulting words. We call upon the Swapo-Party to call to order and discipline its SG,” he noted.

It is alleged that some offended Swapo supporters left their voters’ registration cards behind in the stadium.

Shixwameni said the incident clearly show how the marginalised and the voiceless are regarded by the political elite in this country.

He said they should ‘punish’ Swapo at the polls by voting for the other parties, in particular the APP, in Presidential and National Assembly elections on Friday.

In his defence, Mbumba told a local daily on Monday that he wanted to crack a joke in the heat of the moment, and admitted that he “was out of line”.

He apologized to the Namibian people.