Measures in Place to Minimise Ebola Risk

Namibians who will be sent to volunteer in Ebola-stricken countries will not put Namibia at risk of the deadly virus, the Ministry of Health and Social Services says.

The ministry last year called on Namibians to volunteer in the Ebola-stricken countries.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Social Services, Andrew Ndishishi, said in a press statement issued to the media late last year, “in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in West Africa and in response to the call from the African Union, Namibia contributed N$1 million through the African Union.”

He said then “a further N$500 000 will be directly donated to the Liberian government to help assist in the fight against Ebola”. A local daily reported the response exceeded the ministry’s expectations.

The news was not received well by some Namibians, who took to social media, expressing fears the move might put the country at risk of the deadly disease.

A source in the epidemiology directorate of the Ministry of Health and Social Services confirmed the response was overwhelming and explained that Namibia will not really be put at risk of Ebola because there are strict measures to be adhered to before people return to the country from the Ebola-stricken countries.

The source explained that if a person shows Ebola symptoms they are strictly monitored to see if the symptoms persist, of which medical attention will be administered.

In the case where the person does not show symptoms after 21 days they will be declared Ebola-free.

“Even in Sierra Leon, there is a continuous monitoring process,” further stated the source.

The source explained that although the call was overwhelming, the applications would still be screened and only a selected number of people would go at a yet to be announced date.

When it comes to volunteering there is always a possibility for some people to pull out, the source also said.

Source : New Era