Media will enjoy the day ministers are fired: Kazenambo

WINDHOEK: Swapo Member of Parliament (MP) Kazenambo Kazenambo says most journalists will celebrate the day when all ministers are fired.

He said this on Wednesday in his contribution to the National Health Bill and the Public and Environmental Health Bill introduced by the Minister of Health and Social Services Richard Kamwi in the National Assembly (NA) on Wednesday.

“Because our colleagues in the media are interested in politics, developmental journalism is no longer there – only political journalism which boils down to sensational journalism,” he complained.

Kazenambo, a former Minister of Youth, National Service, Sports and Culture, said everything in this country is politicised, and because of that the main targets always are the head at that specific institution.

He explained that journalists only focus on the minister as the only person responsible for certain problems, while people in other structures of the hospital are sleeping and relaxing on duty.

A fired-up Kazenambo said local journalism is driven by market maximisation competition, adding that one will not hear of media houses writing about institutions which are competent or performing well.

“To them it’s always to get the minister,” he claimed.

The former minister then called on members of the media to start investigating the whole system of an institution, rather than focusing on the head.

He then advised that the country starts to develop an attitude or culture of caring in public health institutions as well as private and public institutions.

The National Health Bill will provide a framework for a structured uniform health system within Namibia.

The bill will consolidate the laws relating to state hospitals and state health services.

The Public and Environmental Health Bill will provide a framework for a structured uniform public and environmental health system in Namibia as well as incidental matters.