Men On High-Heels Campaign Results Positive

The ‘walk a mile in her shoes’ campaign that saw men wearing heels and feminine attire to denounce gender-based violence is bound to have a positive impact in the fight against the heinous crime that seems to be escalating, organisers believe.

“I am positive and confident that the march on Saturday made an impact and it will have an impact [in society]. Judging from the time frame [one week] that we put the event together and the number of people who turned up it shows that there are many men willing to stand up and protect women,” said Ananias Kashikuka, one of the organisers of the march. The march was organised by Black Excellence, a clothing brand.

Although the fruits of the march may not be seen immediately in the positive change that it had on society, Kashikuka expressed hope that even those men who were not present to take part in the march may be impacted by word of mouth and when they see their fellow men standing up against gender-based violence. He also believes a one-off campaign is not enough to change mindsets and behavioural change, hence, the campaign would be annual.

“Men don’t open up to talk about their problems like women do,” said Kashikuka yesterday, adding that culture has conditioned them that way. He stressed the need to have regular campaigns, especially through the media where men can open up and talk about their problems, frustrations and pain without fear or discrimination.

Jacques Sakaria Mushaandja said the ‘walk a mile in her shoes’ campaign is a different intervention from what has been the norm. “Namibia should start looking at something different in addressing social issues. We need to look at alternative measures to address gender-based violence,” Mushaandja added.

Source : New Era