Mercedes-Benz Launches All New C-Class

Mercedes-Benz released the brand new C-Class in Namibia on 28 June. The updated car was unveiled at the Old Wheelers Club in Windhoek in front of a buzzing crowd of car enthusiasts and prospective buyers.

Built in South Africa, the vehicle is Mercedes-Benz’ latest development in the medium-luxury segment of the automobile market.

From a distance, the new car is a mix of classic design elements from the series’ distinguished legacy and new racy aerodynamic aesthetics.

It’s this combination of stately comfort and rapid speed that can be seen throughout the sedan’s entire build.

The newly designed suspension is just one example, utilising a 4 link front axle, it has been designed to respond more sensitively to rapid driving whilst retaining the luxury comfort inherent in previous models.

Within the interior, there are a host of other exciting developments, which Florian Seidler, the Vice Preisdent of Mercedes-Benz South Africa, described: “The C-Class is a best seller that has always been a trendsetter in the mid-size luxury segment. This is also true for the new C-Class as it comes with qualities usually reserved for higher-class vehicles – environmentally responsible, technologically aanced and high levels of comfort and driving enjoyment.”

New hyper efficient petrol and diesel engines have been installed, which purportedly cut fuel consumption by “up to 20% compared with the preceding model,” according to Selvin Govender, Divisional Manager at Mercedes-Benz Cars.

The car has also been built with all the new assistance systems, which were only recently available in the S-Class and E-Class series. These ‘Intelligent Drive’ systems include a range of tools, from a 360 camera to enable safer parking to Attention Assist which monitors the driver for inattentiveness and fatigue. These innovative safety systems are a new addition within this price bracket, something that further sets the C-Class apart.

Wih the cars being built in East London, South Africa, an additional 800 people were employed to meet the extensive production requirements. This equates to a 30% expansion of their internal workforce, an economic boon for the country.

Expansion by Mercedes-Benz within Namibia is also taking place, with a new facility being built in Swakopmund for 2015 and re-positioning of their Windhoek showroom to a bigger site on Andimba Toivo Ya Toivo street.

Fitting into the medium luxury market, the C-Class is the latest car in Namibia to be released in this competitive segment, something Ekko Eisenberg, M+Z Dealer Principal for Passenger Vehicles, was proud of. He said “the C-Class is a revolution in this segment, and it will certainly be the leader of it, in our opinion.”

Both Audi and BMW are set to release competing vehicles later this year, but Mercedes have set the bar high, and their competitors may struggle to reach it.

The starting price is N$400 000.

Source : The Namibian