Meriam Eyes Miss Namibia and Them Miss Universe

African models like Maria Borges, Candice Swanepoel, Oluchi, Fatima Siad, Ajuma Nasenyana and Liya Deng continue to set standard on international runways and set pace for other models to follow.

As much some Namibian models surely do not want to remain behind as they are slowly but certainly working towards becoming top models both locally and internationally. From her amazing character, chic and unique walk, runway model Meriam Kaxuxwena is fast becoming one of Namibia’s favourite top models with her well representation of the country abroad making a name for herself internationally.

She recently scooped the Miss Internet title at this year’s annual global beauty pageant held in Ivory Coast. Meriam says modeling is a short career, and, therefore she is grabbing international opportunities to build a name for herself while she is still young. “I’m full time model and I’m happy with this career. It’s not easy though because there is competition out there in the fashion world but I’m glad that I always end up having gigs,” she says.

After completing her Grade 12, she immediately took up a career in modeling and is currently saving money from her many gigs and awards to further her studies. “I’m saving up from my shows and awards that I’ve been getting in order to pay for my own studies next year since education will never end but my modelling career can end. In the meantime I’ll use my talent wisely because this is who I wanted to be today and I’m growing year by year. All international awards made me so confident and proud that I need to do more,” says Meriam.

Asked whether she was in a relationship, she is quick to react saying ‘I wish I could’ but her career will not allow her to.

“I’m not in a relationship, I wish I could because I feel alone sometimes. It’s hard for me to be in a relationship since I’m never in one country. I’m always busy. In some way I choose to grow first, I want to succeed in my career then I can be in a relationship, no guy would want to be in a relationship with someone that’s always busy,” she says.

Meriam has been compared to international model, Naomi Campbell, who she regards as her inspiration and drive towards her bigger dreams.

“I look up to her and she’s the only model that gives me so much strength to keep fighting for bigger dreams. I want to be successful just like her and I’m sure everything is possible,” she says.

Meriam has secured numerous titles such as Miss Africa Tourism (2014) at Miss Tourism Universe, Best Catwalk Model and Best Complexion Model at World Bikini Model International (2014) in China, Miss Popularity at Miss District International in Ivory Coast (2015) and Miss Super Model Africa (2015) in Philippines. She plans taking part in the Miss Namibia beauty pageant hoping to win the title and represent Namibia at Miss Universe. “I’ve wanted to see myself on Miss Namibia stage and it’s about time. I will be happier if I win that title. I’m ready to take on the challenge,” Meriam says.

She has about five international upcoming competitions that she has to part take in before the end of this year.

It is believed that modeling isn’t about being beautiful but creating something, and at the age of 22 years, Meriam is certainly doing it for herself.

Source : New Era