Metcalfe Labels Transnamib CEO’s Suspension a ‘Hoax’

Aocate Richard Metcalfe of Metcalfe Attorneys says the suspension of Sara Naanda as CEO of TransNamib is a “hoax”.

Metcalfe said the dismissal of his client by the TransNamib board is an “elaborate hoax in order to conceal the illegal actions of the board of directors in the appointment of Johan Piek as executive turnaround project manager.”

“Piek was an employee of RMB Namibia, a company which has been appointed by the board of directors as corporate lead financiers for TransNamib Ltd without following a competitive bidding process, in contravention of TransNamib’s financial policy and procedures,” Metcalfe sprung to Naanda’s defence.

Metcalfe made the charges in a letter dated October 31, which is in New Era’s possession.

The letter addressed to the board of directors, and copied to the Prime Minister, Dr Hage Geingob, was also addressed to the Minister of Works and Transport, Erkki Nghimtina, the Minister of Home Affairs and Immigration, Pendukeni Iivula-Ithana, and the Executive Director of the State Owned Enterprises Governance Council, Frans Sheehama.

The letter further states that Piek holds a work permit authorising him to work for RMB Namibia.

On September 30, the Human Capital Committee recommended the appointment of Piek.

The appointment of Piek was allegedly made at Liliancron Street in Windhoek. “Clearly if proper corporate governance was complied with, the board of directors ought to have realised they lacked a quorum and were conspiring to flout the law at a venue not sanctioned by TransNamib,” states Metcalfe’s letter.

The letter further says Naanda did not have an opportunity to respond to allegations.

Naanda was notified of her suspension in a letter signed by the chairperson of the board, Dr Pieter Oosthuizen, dated October 30.

“It is cogently clear that a decision had already been made prior to October 27 to suspend Naanda,” Metcalfe’s letter states.

It further informed the board they cannot restrict Naanda’s movements, as that will contravene Article 21 of the constitution.

In the suspension letter, Naanda is informed to be reachable at all times on her cellphone number at short notice.

“You are not to leave the Windhoek area during normal working hours without previous permission obtained from the board chairman,” the letter states, informing her that she should obtain permission in writing if she wants to leave the district of Windhoek.

Naanda is further barred from taking up any employment during the period of her suspension.

Metcalfe asked the board to supply him with the minutes authorising the board to suspend Naanda.

Hippy Tjivikua, the executive for Strategy amp Stakeholder Management is the acting CEO.

Source : New Era