Mine worker assaulted by Chinese over N.dollar 200

SWAKOPMUND: A 21-year-old employee at Husab Uranium Mine near Arandis was allegedly knocked unconscious by a Chinese supervisor for owing him N.dollars 200.

Ronald Marchall De Klerk alleges that his foreman, Ziang Zhiyu, knocked him out with an elbow two weeks ago after he fail to pay him the N.dollars 200 he owed.

“It is painful. It happen so fast, the next thing I noticed is I am lying on the ground feeling dizzy. After that I went to the hospital and reported the matter to the police,” De Klerk said.

De Klerk and Zhiyu works for China Nuclear, a contractor of Swakop Uranium that runs the Husab Mine project.

The worker said he borrowed the money from Zhiyu to entertain himself on a promise he will return it end of this month.

He told Nampa on Wednesday that while at work, the Chinese supervisor asked for his money but he told him he would pay back end of this month.

As he walks away, the angry Chinese allegedly beat him on the left shoulder, close to the neck causing him to fall to the ground.

De Klerk laid an assault charge with the Arandis police, case number CR 05/01/2015.

Zhiyu is yet to be arrested.

A medical report seen by Nampa shows that De Klerk was treated for shoulder and neck pain.

Approached for comment, Health, Safety and Environmental Manager at China Nuclear, Flame He denied that an assault on De Klerk took place.

“There was no assault. The Chinese only took De Klerk’s helmet off he didn’t touch his body or beat him”, he said.

He however admitted that Zhiyu is suspended but could not give a reason for that.

“The Chinese was suspended. He does not understand English to communicate with you, but he is a good guy. If you need any answers please do not hesitate to contact me. You can also come to the site and ask the security guard what happened,” he told Nampa.