Mining Index Up in April

THE mining production index rose from 83,8 points in April to 91,7 points so far this year, the latest statistics from the Namibia Statistics Agency show.

This represents an increase of 7,9 points when compared to April last year and an increase of 2,7 points when compared to March this year.

On a monthly basis the production of all minerals recorded an increase, except that of uranium and gold.

The index for diamonds stood at 102,9 points in April. Uranium performance was poor, registering an index of 47,3 points in April, a decline of 61,7 points on an annual basis and a decline of 70,9 points on a monthly basis.

In April, the output of copper production index rose to 85,5 points from 55,8 recorded in March and 65,5 in April last year. Gold production index increased when compared to April last while it declined when compared to March this year, registering an index of 94,6 in April.

The production index for zinc rose to 142,6 points during April from 103,9 recorded for March. This also showed an increase when compared to that of 126,3 registered in April last year.

In terms of the livestock marketed index, the index stood at 50 points in April, representing a decline of 62% when compared to 132 points recorded in April last year.

Month on month livestock marketed declined by 24% representing a decrease of 16 points when compared to the 66 points posted in March.

The index of both cattle and small stock exported on hoof to Angola and South Africa stood at 199 and 78 points respectively, representing an increase of 86 points and 16 points on a month-on-month basis.

On a yearly basis the cattle exported from abattoirs declined dramatically by 70%, recording 26 points compared to 86 points in March.

The monthly tourism report showed that bed and room occupancy rate indices stood at 102,2 and 137,1 respectively, representing an increase of 25% and 48% per year, accordingly.

The room occupancy rate index for April recorded (67,3) the second highest index since April 2013, whilst the room occupancy marked the highest rate.

The index both for regional and international arrivals and departures stood at 131,2 and 124,1 representing an increase of 25,4% and 12% month-on-month and 16,6% and 16,5% year-on-year, respectively.

The arrivals index for April is the highest mark in the past twelve months. The second highest was in June 2013 with an index of 128,4.

Source : The Namibian