Minor robbed in Windhoek

WINDHOEK: A 15-year-old boy was robbed by three young men while on his way home from school here on Friday afternoon.

The boy, who spoke to Nampa on the condition of anonymity, said he had just left the Boys Pioneers School in Windhoek West and walked to the traffic lights at the intersection of Bach Street and Hydra Street to take a taxi.

Two suspects aged 19 and 20 walked past the boy at the traffic lights, while the third suspect walked right up to him from behind and held arms behind him.

The other two suspects then turned around and pointed a kitchen knife and pocket knife towards his and removed his cell phone from his pockets.

One of the suspects also hit the victim in the face while robbing him.

A G4S security guard who was driving was the traffic lights saw the incident and pursued the suspects.

A City Police Zonal patrol vehicle which was also on duty at the time witnessed the incident and the officer chased the suspects.

Upon arrest, the suspects were brought back to the scene of the incident and tried to bribe the boy not to press charges by offering him a N.dollars 50 and a handheld digital pet toy popularly known as a tamagotchi.

The suspects were taken into custody and charge for armed robbery and assault.

The suspects are expected to appear in the Windhoek Magistrates Court on Monday.

City Police Senior Superintendent Gerry Shikesho cautioned the public not to have valuable items visible when they are walking alone, as this can easily create an opportunity for a crime to be committed.

He said this was the second incident of this nature as another minor was also robbed by three unknown suspects, who used the same tactics on Thursday.

The suspects in that case have are however yet to be apprehended.