Miss Face of Windhoek Beauty Pageant Aims to Help the Needy

Eleven young ladies between the ages of 18 and 25 years will take the stage in Windhoek at the Warehouse Theatre next month, vying for the 2015 Miss Face of Windhoek crown.

The annual pageant will showcase positive attributes of young women who will not only serve as role models for other young women in the country but also help those in need. The pageant initiated by Jesaja Angula and Oprah Kavejandja, aims to raise money to help the less fortunate as well as orphans with the income generated from the event. “We came up with this initiative after we visited 7 De Land in Katutura. We noticed that many children and old people are seriously suffering with most lacking basic needs. Therefore, with this pageant we want the winner to take up this task by representing Windhoek as the ambassador for those in need, making use of the funds we get through the pageant and sponsorships,” says Angula.

He adds that all the contestants have found their own children homes or orphanages that they have to raise funds for and be responsible for even after the event. Recently the girls visited Mama Khai’s children home whereby they donated food, clothes and helped with cleaning it. They also added an extra fun day with the kids. “Helping orphans and vulnerable children has been always a topic to my heart .I have so much faith in inspiring the youth in society and the nation at large. I feel excited to be one of Miss Face of Windhoek finalists and this would be my greatest opportunity to create awareness and improve the living standard for orphans and vulnerable children in the society,” says 22-year- old finalist, Magnaem Ndatipo.

Elizabeth ‘leez’ Inkono, a 20-year-old finalist, says witnessing the struggle that the less fortunate go through, gave her the strength and courage to part take in this pageant. “It’s an honour to be taking part in Miss Face of Windhoek as it strives for a better lifestyle of vulnerable [people]. Growing up in the streets of Windhoek and having to see how my fellow Namibians beg for a piece of bread because of hunger, having to see children being neglected and elders having nobody to assist them, has given me the strength, heart and courage to take part in this pageant so that I can assist were I can and give back to the community in need,” says Inkono

Chantelle Herbst, an 18-year-old finalist says this is an opportunity she has been waiting for to put her passion for charity at work. “Whether I win or lose I will still be helping others and my orphanage, I cannot give up on someone in need when I know I will be able to help. If I had a chance to make a change in our city, I would help children and elders with clothes and food, but not just that some people need support as well, such as comfort, they need joy in their lives because everyone deserves. [I] would want to be with them every step of the way, it has brought me to tears when the lady showed me how the children have to service out of one bowl of rice each day. Taking part in Miss Face of Windhoek is really challenging and isn’t easy but I’m willing to take a few new steps to change others’ lives,” says Herbst.

The Winner of the pageant will embark on various charity campaigns and selfless service to people, especially representing the less fortunate. The organisers hope the pageant will set an example to other towns to start up such initiatives to help improve and change lives across Namibia. The audience will be entertained by local artists such as J-Bently, Carlito, Dazzle, CB, Tre van di Kassie, Streetkids, Unknown Division and Beast. Some of the sponsors of the event include Exclusive Fitness, Kokule.com,Streetdreamzmusic, Wimpy, Antonio Art, Jireh Boutique, Royaltee Media and Otillie Kavejandja. The pageant will take place on July 31 at the Warehouse Theatre at 19h30. The tickets are available at Antonio’s Art for N$50(normal) and N$100 (VIP).

Source : New Era