Miss High School Donates to Vulnerable Children

As part of her project as the reigning Miss High School Namibia, Magdalena Haipumbu (19), recently joined the vulnerable kids living in the SOS Village Orphanage in Ondangwa and donated food and snacks to them.

Haipumbu donated apples, biscuits, juice, bread, butter and many others eateries to more than 110 children living in the SOS Village orphanage. She also motivated the children encouraging them to study very hard for their future so that can become some bodies in life, and to attend school lessons even though they have little than others.

Haipumbu also delighted the children by spending a special moment with them playing around and making sandwiches with them. “I feel so happy to give back to the community as I brought smiles on the children’s faces. Through this project I got to learn a lot, I am still looking forward to different projects,” says an elated Haipumbu.

Source : New Era