Miss High School to Donate to Needy Kids

The winner of this years’ Miss High School Namibia, Magdalena Haipumbu (19), will be donating some foods and clothes to vulnerable kids living in the SOS Village Orphanage in Ondangwa this Saturday.

Haipumbu says she is donating to these children because she wants them to know that there are people who cares about them, and for her not to see them running on empty stomachs. “Children are the future of tomorrow. They need to be cared for and I am also doing this to show appreciation to my people for helping me to win different beauty pageants [by] voting for me, and mostly to show that their dollars did not go to waste,” says Haipumbu. She adds that the idea of donating occurred when (contestants of the pageant Miss High School Namibia this year) where given a project to campaign and visits orphanages. “It is not quite good to see children in need of our supports and we are neglecting them. They are the hearts of our nation. I feel happy to give back to the community,” says Haipumbu.

Source : New Era