Miss Model of the World Launches

Pleather, prints and a pinch of retro rock and roll took over the Miss Model of the World launch in the capital on Thursday, drawing out some celebrities to witness firsthand a glimpse into the future of Namibian fashion.

Dillish Matthews, Freeda, Hem Matsi and McBright Kavari, among others, saw designers Beverly K and Delphina Geraldo from Geraldo Fashions showcase their eye-catching pieces after a brief presentation on the introduction of the Miss Model of the World competition which will be held in China at the end of the year. The event was hosted by C Fashion and Vision Modelling Academy, and held at Copyzone, followed by a fashion night out at Fashion Bar on Friday.

Suha Alpayli, the founder of Miss Model of the World, established the pageant in 1988 in Istanbul, Turkey and created a legacy that has lasted for years with the intention of promoting world peace and developing the beauty that is the la mode lifestyle.

The contest is said to be one of the most famous cultural exchange activities, fashion brands and integration platforms of beauty economy which contributes to the image development of the host country including a legion of possible cooperation opportunities between different countries.

Two previous Namibian contestants opened up the show in style, followed by other models who managed to garner a number of oohs and aahs from the audience. Using the power of the afro wig as their crown, the models brought out an impressive aggressiveness which allowed them to strut their stuff across the red carpet and show off a little skin, drawing spectators forward in constant anticipation.

“I played around with chiffon and recently started getting into cotton although my main focus was basically the prints and the floral designs,” Delphina Geraldo, owner of Geraldo Fashions said about her stunning collection which is only available online at the moment.

Potential models are encouraged to fill out the application forms which will be available in due time. “I am so excited about this concept,” designer and owner of C Fashions, Beverly K said. “It is an international event and although Vision Modelling Academy owns the rights, I believe it’s fair that everyone is given a chance to compete.”

Source : The Namibian