Models’ School Opens Its Doors

A newly established modeling academy, Leni School of Models (LSM), opened its doors to young girls interested to enter the modeling scene.

Those who wish to become models can start to register with the Academy to receive the necessary training. Owner of LSM, Hendrina Shikalepo, says she believes that additional training to young girls with modeling passions will help to provide a platform for their modeling careers. “What most people don’t understand is that modeling is a huge industry and not every model is meant for the runways or to catwalk but need to find their real specialty within the industry,” says Shikalepo.

She adds that without the little in-service training from different academies, the Namibian modeling industry will never go far due to poor training. “It is with that reason that we have now established a modeling school to educate and train our models in order for them to realise what their talents are, and make use of them,” she says. Prospective models will receiving training in public speaking and answering questions, dancing, acting and fashion designing. “Modeling might seem to be easy, but it takes regulations, patience and confidence in order for one to be successful. Taking modeling classes from a professional school will help young people to improve their existing skills and learn the guidelines they will need to follow in the modeling industry. ”

Source : New Era