More Control On Livestock Exports to SA

AS A result of the recent restriction of livestock exports from Namibia to South Africa by the South African veterinary services, the Meat Board has sharpened its export permit system.

“It is of utmost importance for the Namibian meat industry that commercial livestock is only destined for feedlots and abattoirs in South Africa. The Meat Board is in the process of verifying all destinations, ensuring that the destinations and requirements of all permits are adhered to and that the cooperation of all exporters is requested in this regard,” the Meat Board announced last week.

At its last meeting on 18 November 2014 the Meat Board decided that all commercial livestock from Namibia may only be exported to specific destinations in South Africa.

These destinations were compiled in cooperation with Namibian and South African role players, exporters and importers.

This regulation will come into effect on 01 February 2015.

Source : The Namibian