More Implicated in Natis Licence Scam

AN investigation into a massive driving licence scam at the Roads Authority (RA) has gained momentum with more people being implicated in the fraud.

The Namibian has been informed that authorities have uncovered about 50 drivers’ licences that were issued under questionable or fraudulent circumstances at the NaTis Valley offices in Windhoek this year alone.

Sources said a joint investigation by the RA and the Anti-Corruption Commission is underway and more licences which were issued fraudulently have been uncovered and NaTis officials involved are expected to be called to account.

According to the sources, the culprits have been taking aantage of loopholes in the system to sell the fake licences to desperate but undeserving members of the public.

The Namibian understands that some middlemen always hang around the NaTis Valley offices, trying to entice people into buying the fake licences and other permits.

In a statement last month, the ACC said it had uncovered 19 fake licences obtained through the scam and that four NaTis employees had been implicated, and one had already been arrested with two suspected middlemen.

Sources said the figure has gone up to about 50 licences this year, while about 10 NaTis employees have been implicated in the scam.

They blamed the RA management for not taking a serious approach to tackle the problem.

The RA had not responded to questions on the scam at the time of going to print.

Source : The Namibian