MP Wants Land for the People

SWAPO Member of Parliament and regional councillor for Linyanti constituency Cletius Sipapela has called on the land reform ministry to come up with a mechanism to deal with exorbitant land prices, which have led to the mushrooming of shacks.

Sipapela said this in the National Council yesterday, during the debate on the budget of the land reform ministry.

He said because of the fight for land, children had lost fathers sisters lost their brothers and families lost their loved ones.

“Some were thrown into the ocean and others were tied and dragged around in the streets because they wanted land. All that for what, if the majority of the people are still landless. Article 100 of the Constitution of Namibia says the land belongs to the state to control and maintain but have we done so? Maybe, but not to the satisfaction of the masses,” said Sipapela.

He said before independence, whites were given land at subsidised prices because their government was serving their interests but now that the government is black, it is still not serving its people through the provision of subsidised land.

“How long must our people continue to pay rent? Now is the time to act. Let us do something. It does not matter if the person puts up a tree, let him get the land. It is because of land that there are people running around without parents,” said Sipapela.

He also said Namibia should not take pride in that its high land prices have put it on the map.

Media reports indicated that Namibia was ranked second to Dubai in the entire world in terms of expensive housing.

Omatako constituency councillor Issaskar Kaujeua and councillour of Ohetayi constituency Shekutamba Petrus supported the land reform budget.

Petrus said the notion One Namibia One Nation is no longer internalised.

“My elder brother’s son fenced off his plot, which is located next to mine in OmusatiKunene area. His plot was destroyed by people who accused the headman of dealing with foreigners. How is he a foreigner? We are all Namibians,” said Petrus, adding that it was important that people try to be united no matter what tribe they come, so peace and stability can be maintained.

The Namibian yesterday reported on President Hage Geingob’s call for land to be made accessible and affordable to the masses and to investigate the building materials’ supply chain.

In a letter to minister of urban and rural development Sophia Shaningwa, the President instructed her to make housing more affordable.

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Source : The Namibian