Mr Rhee Out With ‘Omake’

The Award winning artist Mr Rhee Shikongo has released his fourth album titled Omake which basically means clap hands in his vernacular.

Featuring artists such as Rau, Dricit, Waka, M J, Exit and Young T, the album contains 12 tracks with a bonus track in which he features the well-known Exit from Rockaz Entertainment. The album was produced by Arrafat, MJ, Shekeni and Young T.

Mr Rhee says as an artist he does not talk about things that he does not know, that is why he talks much about love in this album. “Love is what we all know and experience most of the time.” “Track number one is called My love and it is dedicated to my girlfriend where I am basically trying to make her understand that if I am not with her it is because I am too busy trying to make end meet and not doing other things.”

Mr Rhee describes track number 4 titled Portfolio as a simple autobiography of himself where he talks about his origin and his character as a person.

The album also contain track number 10 titled Tangi Tate (thanks God) which the artist describes as simply saying a prayer and thanking God for all he did for him. “You can only succeed with God. This year I believe I have achieved a lot and I am just thanking God for that,” he says.

Earlier this year Mr Rhee won an award at the Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAS) in the category of best ReggaeDancehall. The artist says he will surely enter again this time around and is very confident that he will win again an award come NAMAS 2015.

Source : New Era