Mr Simple Is All Loved Up On Second Album

ELEVEN tracks of telling love stories with a touch of conscious contribution to societal norms is what Mr Simple has to offer with his second album, ‘Simplified’.

After spending about three years working on the album, Mr Simple wanted to give music lovers and his fans a top quality product that would make their listening experience worthwhile and pleasant.

The album is definitely an improvement on the previous one and it is evident that Mr Simple paid attention to detail with every track being well-rounded and most of the beats and lyrics actually making sense.

“I decided to be involved in the production of the album,” the singer said.

Track ‘Number One’ starts the album off, with Mr Simple declaring his commitment to that number one lady who can never be replaced. With an upbeat sound, the track puts the listener in a dancing mood.

For track three, ‘Fly’, Mr Simple crossed borders into Zimbabwe where he joined Tashley and Remedy to create a pleasant afro-sound.

He also collaborated with Namibia’s award-winning artists Exit and Mushe for the fourth track ‘Pangu Pangu’ on which the inclusion of Oshiwambo lyrics contributes well to making the album a fusion of multiple African languages.

Track six ‘Helicopter’ makes as much sense as the title of the song. It takes a minute to find the direction of the song and to actually make sense of what message the artist is attempting to send.

Mr Simple brings back Tashley on track seven, titled ‘Need Somebody’, to help him tell the world that he needs some lady love in his life. Any music lover – male or female – who feels lonely can relate to the lyrics and enjoy the track.

What would a SADC collaboration be without the sounds of Shyman Shaizo from Zambia? The two joined forces in the second last track, ‘Onikonda’, which means ‘you love me’ in Nyanja, a language spoken in Zambia.

Although it may come across as too loud for some listeners, for those who like to listen to a nice love story with an upbeat tempo, ‘Simplified’ is a good choice.

The album is available at Antonio’s Art and Mono Art in Windhoek or call 0812116218 to place your order.

Source : The Namibian