MTC Customer Slapped With N$11 594 Bill for ‘Roaming’

MOBILE operator MTC customer Ilona Nkandi-Asino is at a loss for words on how she ended up being slapped with a bill of N$11 594 for ‘roaming.’

It all started with a visit to Brazil but on her return, she was shocked when she was billed for roaming, although Nkandi-Asino says she did not use the MTC network while in Brazil.

“Earlier this year I travelled to Brazil for seven days. I normally utilise my hotel WiFi to go online and surf the net. To my surprise when I returned to Namibia, I was slapped with a bill of N$11 594 by MTC for apparent data charges,” she told The Namibian Consumer.

When she enquired at MTC about the bill, she was told that it was for data. “I could not understand how I was charged for data if my roaming and cellular data were disabled.”

Nkandi-Asino said the MTC call centre agent also informed her that even if the roaming was off and disabled, she was sill going to be charged. “I cannot understand this because you can use WiFi even without a SIM card in your phone. I left it at that and ended up paying N$$11 594.”

Nkandi-Asino, who is a frequent traveller, says she contacted the MTC call centre several times and was always given the same response.

Contacted for comment on the issue, Tim Ekandjo, the chief human capital and corporate affairs officer, said MTC preferred to deal with Nkandi-Asino privately.

“Thanks for the set of questions. I would, however, suggest that the customer visits our roaming department to get a thorough explanation on her bill, instead of making this a public matter. We will be more than willing to assist the customer in this regard.”

Last month, the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) said it was investigating complaints by consumers concerning services provided by mobile operator MTC. Customers’ airtime and credit balances have been disappearing of late, with MTC providing unsatisfactory explanations on what is happening.

CRAN spokesperson Morna Ikosa said yesterday that CRAN is still investigating the matter and hopes to finish conclude this month.

Source : The Namibian