MTC’s manager sponsorship and promotions calls on corporate world in Namibia to start investing more in sports

WINDHOEK: Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC)’s manager of sponsorship and promotions, Joseph Mundjindi has called on the corporate world in Namibia to start investing more in sports.

He made the call at the launch of the fifth annual Sam Nujoma Half Marathon in Windhoek yesterday.

MTC sponsored prize money of N.dollars 160 000 towards the hosting of the one-day event in Swakopmund on 23 May.

Mundjindi said companies should start investing in Namibia’s athletes, just as the same individuals support these companies.

He added that companies should stop waiting until athletes become famous and only then jump on the bandwagon, and should instead nurture them from the start.

He said MTC will continue calling on other corporate to come on board and assist sports development in the country because the more corporate citizenry comes up and opens their wallets to support sports in Namibia, the better for Namibia.

Minister of Sports, Youth and National Service Jerry Ekandjo last week during his budget motivation speech in the National Assembly said sports is heavily underfunded due to limited budgetary constraints.