Muddy Mayhem in 4x4s

Mud, winches, V8’s and beer, every man’s dream weekend. This is exactly what TuffStuff provided for avid off road enthusiasts on Saturday, 8 March.

Making available the off road trail at SKW to invited guests, TuffStuff allowed roughly 20 attendants to put their off-road vehicles (and wits) to the test.

A few fairly impressive vehicles finished the course with little trouble Werner Muller’s highly modified Jeep Wrangler cruised through the course as did a purpose built trail vehicle of Kobus Maritz. Gert Groblers’ tiny Pajero also impressed as it flew through the course. Top Revs’ test Landy was a big hit as one of only a few completely stock vehicles to finish the course with ease. Very impressive, even if we have to say so ourselves.

The rules were fairly simple traverse the entire course without the need of assistance and be rewarded with applause at the finish line.

Even so, the course claimed a few vehicles. A Land Cruiser had to be winched out of a deep hole by Werner’s Jeep and a Toyota Hilux just didn’t have what it took to finish the entire trail. We never thought we would ever utter those words about the legendary bakkie.

A great day was had by all that attended, made even better by ending it off with a braai.

TuffStuff owner Raymond du Plessis and co drove all the way from South Africa to attend the event and shows the level of commitment to their product here in Namibia.

“We’re very happy with the attendance on Saturday, even though the rain flooded us, the good people still showed up and had lots of fun in the mud,” said Raymond.

Tuffstuff is the market leader in all aspects of outdoor lifestyle, 4×4 and all wheel drive vehicle insurance products.

Our gratitude must be extended to the Novel Motor family for giving us a brand spanking new Land Rover Defender to play around with on the day.

The vehicle was endlessly capable and made the event a pleasure to partake in.

Source : The Namibian