Mudge furious with fellow whites

WINDHOEK: Republican Party (RP) president Henk Mudge has lashed out at the lack of active participation and involvement of the white community in Namibian elections.

He said in statement issued on Wednesday that the white community should deal with their fears, put self-interest and imaginary self-preservation aside, and return to their principles and objectives of making Namibia a better place for all.

Mudge also urged them to get involved at a grassroots level to secure Namibian democracy and curb the ruling party’s enthusiasm to create a one-party hegemony.

He further said that it is shameful that some of his fellow white people in Namibia have conveniently forgotten their ideals and social responsibility with regards to the upliftment of their less fortunate fellow citizens.

Mudge said they (whites) chose to follow the “road of least resistance” and became submissive as a result of the Swapo-Party’s veiled intimidation with regard to land ownership rights and the awarding of contracts and tenders.

He warned members of the white community who joined the ruling party that they openly declared that they are comfortable with the level of incompetency and maladministration at all levels of the Swapo-led government.

The RP president stressed that some of his fellow whites are comfortable with corruption, which is currently practiced openly.

He also slammed whites for being content that Swapo keeps on ignoring the plight of the poor and unemployed people in favour of new head offices for almost all ministries, parastatals and non-government organisations (NGOs) – all built by the Chinese, obviously because quite a number of the ruling elite benefitted financially from them.

He said the RP played a decisive role in scrapping the apartheid laws of the day.

“We, the RP supporters, can rightfully claim that we were the originals, even though the ruling party wants everyone to believe that they were the sole torch bearers of the crusade against apartheid,” said Mudge.

He added that throughout its history, the RP persistently fought for reconciliation of the peoples of Namibia, and for the improvement of the living conditions of all previously-disadvantaged persons in the country.