Muhuura Re-Elected As Arandis Mayor

Councillor Daniel Muhuura was re-elected as the mayor of Arandis during the election of office-bearers held on Friday morning at the town for the 20142015 term.

The incumbent deputy mayor Isabella Kavendjii was also re-elected, with Councillor Salomon Manga elected as the chairperson of the Management Committee while councillors Magdalena Goliath and Lucia Erastus were elected as members of the Management Committee.

Councillors Rudolfine Geises and Daniel Tsaneb were elected as ordinary members.

Addressing councillors and residents shortly after his re-election, Muhuura said “it is indeed an honour to serve the people of this town once again”.

He said the experience he gained over the years will be a guide to continuously seek ways that would be of economic benefit to the town and its people.

“The unity and team spirit that prevailed during our reign is one of the gest foundations and excellent examples to other local authorities and we should remain committed to retain the status quo on this. In-fighting, conflict and personal agendas have no place on the development agenda of Arandis. Let us not allow this to enter our arena,” the mayor urged fellow councillors.

He explained that council has carried out its mandate successfully by creating a conducive environment for current and future residents, as well as investors.

“Land delivery has been one of our g achievements and today we can proudly say Arandis has five new extensions. Economic growth has indeed been stimulated through this visionary leadership of ours, as well as the political stability that prevailed over the years. Financial institutions, retail and industrial sectors are all visible in the town and will grow tremendously, due to the approvals done by us as a team.

Despite all the greatness we have achieved, we must always remember that we are accountable for all our decisions. If a decision is not in favour of one, it should not hamper the progress of others,” the mayor said.

Source : New Era