Muinjo Wants Doeseb to Stand for Re-Election

Namibia Football Association (NFA) president John Muinjo wants Namibia Premier League (NPL) chairperson Johnny Johnson Doeseb to stand for re-election as head of the elite league.

Doeseb, who has been at the helm of the league since 2008, in March this year issued a statement in which he stated that he will not stand for re-election when his term comes to an end at the end of July 2014.

Muinjo however said in a media statement issued on Monday he believes Doeseb remains the right person to lead the Premier League as local football enters a new era.

“Doeseb was part of the NFA Constitutional Review process in January this year, under the guidance of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) and his expertise will come in handy in the implementation of the decisions taken at that review,” he said.

Muinjo added that Doeseb’s overall leadership acumen is another reason he should stand for re-election.

“The NPL, under his able leadership, is currently going through a transformation process and it is my g conviction that this process is ongoing and needs to be driven to a conclusion with Doeseb’s guidance and supervision,” the NFA president stated.

Muinjo further noted that succession in football, as in many other institutions, is a process which needs proper planning, consultation and dedication, and he therefore believes his decision to not stand for re-election was not productive for the game of football in Namibia.

Doeseb cited a lack of professionalism at club level “to do the basics right” a lack of serious commitment from teams in terms of building a g football brand and the lack of development structures in local football as his reasons for stepping down.

Muinjo however explained that his trust in Doeseb to run for re-election does not mean that there are no other candidates who are capable of running the NPL.


Source : The Namibian