Multichoice Defends Programme Repeats

PAY-Per-View provider, MultiChoice Namibia has defended programme repeats saying it is part of the television environment.

The defence comes in the wake of complaints sent to The Namibian by some of its subscribers.

One subscriber said MultiChoice must stop repeating old movies from 1989 to 2010.

“At least show us the latest movies from 2011-2014. We pay our premiums and want better services. Show movies which are not older then two to three years,” the customer said in an SMS.

But Roger Gertze, general manager of MultiChoice Namibia said programme repeats are an international trend.

“Programme repeats are an integral part of the television environment. Channel providers internationally repeat movies and programmes to allow viewers to plan viewing time at their convenience,” he said.

Gertze said the purchasing of programme and movie rights is based on a model whereby programmes and movies are purchased for a certain number of screenings.

He said this allows for the movies or programmes to be shown at different time slots to allow viewers a choice of when they would like to access the programming.

“Repeats in the case of a multi-channel environment allow subscribers not to miss out in instances where two or three interesting programmes are flighted at the same time. They also enable subscribers to plan their viewing time more effectively,” Gertze said.

Source : The Namibian