Municipality to Deal With Amupanda

The Windhoek Municipality yesterday said it would deal with the Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) spokesperson Job Amupanda and three other illegal occupants of land in Kleine Kuppe, as it would with any other land grabber.

Joshua Amukugo, the City of Windhoek spokesperson said Amupanda and three others would be asked to “stop what they are doing”.

“If he has started (to set up his structure) he will be asked to remove it. If he does not want we will do it for him. I don’t think there are any exceptions to that rule,” asserted Amukugo.

Amupanda and George Kambala, Dimbulukeni Nauyoma and Desh Dallaz in response to media reports on land grabs and dubious allocation of land by the Windhoek Municipality on Sunday grabbed a piece of land on which they intend to build some shacks in Kleine Kuppe.

Amupanda was quoted in the media as saying he was tired of paying monthly rent of N$8 000.

He reportedly applied for land two years ago but had since been sent from pillar to post without any positive response.

Amupanda was unreachable yesterday as his mobile phone rang unanswered.

Kambala was also not reachable but “his spokesperson”, Michael Amushelelo said Kambala would occupy the land until he dies.

“It’s his chosen place (of residence) and he will occupy it until he dies,” said Amushelelo.

Amushelelo further said land grabbing has been going on for years in Windhoek and that the trio “chose somewhere where it’s not crowded”.

Amukugo said: “We have procedures against those that grab land.”

He maintained that the standing rule is that “illegal grabbing of land is not allowed and there are procedures to be followed”.

Amukugo was reluctant to answer questions on reports on allegations levelled against controversial Mayor Agnes Kafula, saying: “There are some interventions here. We will respond. We will set the record straight very soon,” he said.

A media briefing that was supposed to take place yesterday was hastily called off because Kafula was reportedly out of town.

Amukugo said the media briefing would no longer take place and that a press statement to answer media queries on land matters would be issued.

Source : New Era