Murder Accused Commits Suicide

Murder accused Shandino Bowe, 24, committed suicide by hanging himself in Khomasdal on Saturday.

He was one of three men accused of the murder of the International University of Management (IUM) student Eliakim Kandali Inane, 31, in 2012 and burning the taxi he was operating with his body inside.

Sergeant Slogan Mateus the police spokesman informed the media on Sunday that Bowe hanged himself with a rope in a storeroom at their residence.

“No suicide note was left behind, but it is alleged the deceased had attempted to hang himself on three previous occasions,” Mateus added. The other accused in the matter are Llewellyn Beukes and Wildrew Visagie, both aged 22. The three men were arrested in February 2013 for the brutal murder of Inane. The incident allegedly happened on August 01 2012.

Inane’s body was found in Otjomuise, a day after the fatal attack. It is alleged the three accused burnt the Toyota Corolla with Inane locked inside the vehicle while he was still alive.

The three were each granted bail of N$5 000 in May 2013 after a bail application.

As part of their bail conditions they were to report to the Wanaheda Police Station between 8am and 6pm every Monday and Friday, and should not to leave Windhoek without the written consent of the police.

They were also not to apply for new travelling documents, or interfere with police investigations.

The matter will proceed in the Katutura Magistrate’s Court on November 21 when the prosecutor general’s decision on how to proceed with the matter will be available.

Source : New Era