Murder Accused Refuses Legal Aid

A MURDER accused facing trial in the Windhoek High Court has finally ended the services of his defence lawyer.

A month after he first informed Judge Alfred Siboleka that he no longer wanted to be represented by defence lawyer Christian Nambahu, who was provided to him through the Directorate of Legal Aid, murder accused Otto Angula insisted on Friday that he preferred to stand trial without legal representation.

Angula (38) has repeatedly indicated to Judge Siboleka that he wanted to plead guilty to the murder charge he is facing. After Nambahu drafted a plea explanation on behalf of his client, Angula refused last week to sign the statement, claiming that he still wanted to tell the full story of his case to his lawyer before he signed any statement.

Angula also said to Judge Siboleka that he had not yet told Nambahu how he killed his former girlfriend, Martha Nakale (32), at Walvis Bay on 22 November 2012.

Nambahu informed the judge that he has had hours of consultations with Angula, who he said has insisted on relating the same story to him repeatedly.

Nambahu added on Friday that since his most recent consultation with Angula the previous day, he has started to have concerns about Angula’s mental state.

Angula is due to return to court today, so that Judge Siboleka can make a decision about the further course his case would take.

Angula is accused of murdering Nakale (32) at the Walvis Bay dumping site on 22 November 2012.

The prosecution is alleging that he killed Nakale by hitting her on the head with a hammer, a piece of iron, or some other object. She died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head.

Angula is being kept in custody.

Source : The Namibian