Murder Accused to Wait Another Year for Trial

The dates for the trial of Otto Angula (38) were set on Monday, after Judge Alfred Siboleka recorded a plea of not guilty on a charge of murder on behalf of Angula.

Judge Siboleka recorded the plea of not guilty after Angula had told him that he wanted to plead guilty to the murder charge he is facing. However, having heard Angula’s explanation of the incident that claimed the life of his girlfriend, Martha Nakale (32), at a Walvis Bay dumping site on 22 November 2012, Judge Siboleka said he was not satisfied that Angula intended to plead guilty to the charge.

Angula’s trial is due to start on 28 September next year. The trial was scheduled to commence on Thursday last week, but did not begin as planned when Angula decided that he did not want to make use of the services of the defence lawyer whom the directorate of legal aid had instructed to represent him. Angula indicated to the judge that he preferred to proceed with his trial without legal representation.

On Monday, he told Judge Siboleka that he struck Nakale on the head with an iron bar and that she fell to the ground after the blow. However, Angula also told the judge that he hit Nakale with the piece of metal because he wanted her to release her grip on him. He said he and Nakale, who had been involved in a relationship, were engaged in a physical scuffle when she called for the help of another woman, who was nearby. Angula said the other woman had overpowered him on a previous occasion when she had found him fighting with a woman and that he was afraid that she would find him in Nakale’s hold.

He and Nakale were involved in an argument after she had told him that she had been intimate with another man, Angula said. Having been in custody since his arrest on the day of the killing of Nakale, Angula has another 15 months in jail ahead of him before the scheduled start of his trial.

State aocate Cliff Lutibezi is representing the prosecution in Angula’s case.

Source : The Namibian