Murder Case Deferred to July

The case in which Mathias ‘Chi-Chi’ Shikongo is accused of hacking to death a 26-year-old man with a machete has been postponed to next month.

He is charged with murder and two counts of assault with the intent to cause grievously bodily harm.

The matter was remanded to July 24 for further police investigations and to enable the accused to solicit the services of a legal representative to represent him at the next court hearing.

The legal rights of the accused were explained to him as they were not explained to him at his first court appearance due to the fact that an assistant magistrate led proceedings at the time.

The State requested that bail not be granted to the accused and that he remain in police custody.

The accused indicated he would hire a private lawyer to conduct his defence, adding he would only apply for bail in the presence of his lawyer.

The accused’s disabled uncle known as Willem, who uses crutches to walk, expressed his sadness over the case saying he leaves it to the court to decide his nephew’s fate.

He said the family is badly affected as the accused was the main breadwinner in the house through his shebeen business.

Source : New Era