Murder Suspect to Plead Guilty

Murder accused Otto Angula, 38, on Friday last week told Judge Alfred Siboleka he intended to plead guilty to the charge he faces.

However prior to his notification he informed the judge that he wished to terminate the services of his state-funded legal representative, Christian Nambahu.

“My Lord, I only saw this lawyer for the first time today in court. The previous lawyer I had, I hadn’t seen in eight months,” he said.

Nambahu then informed the judge he recently took over the case from his associate Mbanga Siyomundji. He said from his understanding Siyomundji had detailed consultations with Angula and he even drafted a plea explanation.

Judge Siboleka then instructed Nambahu to take “if necessary the whole day” to consult with Angula and postponed the matter to June 12 and 13 for plea and trial.

Prosecutor Cliff Luthibezi told the judge that in light of Angula’s intention to plead guilty he would only call three witnesses in aggravation of sentence .

It is alleged that Angula killed his girlfriend at the Walvis Bay dumpsite by hitting her repeatedly with a hammer, iron or other object on her head and body. She died at the scene due to bleeding on the brain as a result of the assault.

According to the indictment, Angula arrived at the workplace of 32-year Martha Nakale during the early morning hours of Thursday November 22 2012 armed with a hammer andor piece of iron.

After he chased away co-employees of the deceased, he force-marched her away from her co-employees and hit her on the head and body numerous times before fleeing the scene.

Source : New Era