Music Careers Take Off After Nama

The professional careers of two upcoming music starts were catapulted to the next level after winning their respective categories.This week, RampB and Rap stars, Lil D and KK, thanked their supporters for their contribution to their success at the Namibian music awards.

“With the recent wins at the NAMA awards, both Lil D and KK are proud to receive their individual prizes for Best RampB and Best Rap respectively.”Both albums “About Time – Lil D” and “Start from Scratch – KK” show their distinct talents as established local artists who are talented energetic gentlemen. Together both performers have shared the stage with artists such as KO, Kid X and AKA, while individually KK has had international stage presence on Big Brother and Lil D will share the spotlight with Khuli Chana in June.

“With the announcement at the recent NAMA awards, we wish to thank their fans, MTC, NBC, Rockstar4000, all the sponsors, suppliers and technical teams who provided both Lil D and KK exposure to a global audience. As their Management Team, we are proud to expose both our artists to an even wider musical audience in future and are proud to announce that they both are currently working on local and international projects” said Levana Cloete and Ziska Mostert of Rebel Chicas, the artists’ managers. “As first time winners, these wins will certainly catapult their careers to new heights and position them as frontrunners within their respective music genres.”

Source : Namibia Economist