Mutorwa Pleads for Continuity

The Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, John Mutorwa, says that to ensure better implementation of development programmes Namibians should vote for Swapo.

Mutorwa was addressing a Swapo rally at Sibbinda, some 80 kilometres west of Katima Mulilo on Sunday.

He said people’s votes should not be given cheaply to the opposition who he says have nothing to offer when compared to Swapo.

“We have order in Swapo. As Namibians, we want the country to move faster to achieve Vision 2030. We don’t want an interruption in the implementation of development programmes. The vote of each and every individual should not come cheap,” he said.

Mutorwa noted that the Swapo presidential candidate, Dr Hage Geingob, has a wealth of experience to run the country, being part of the country’s administration since independence and a member of the Constituent Assembly during the time of the crafting of the country’s constitution.

“Geingob has been part of Swapo leaders from the beginning. Through the United Nations Institute for Namibia (UNIN) he educated many young Swapo leaders that are now leading many institutions in an independent Namibia. This is the man we believe will take further the legacy of Nujoma and Pohamba,” elaborated Mutorwa.

He said Swapo is seeking overwhelming support to garner more seats needed to effect development agendas more appropriately.

“The power to determine how many MP’s will represent Swapo lies with the voters. From all directions we want overwhelming support. Swapo wants to develop Namibia so that Vision 2030 can become a reality. Renew your confidence in Swapo,” he appealed to voters.

“A tested party like Swapo has nothing to hide. Our record is there in social services such as health, education and water, among others. We have completed water pipelines, the road from Singalamwe to Sangwali and Linyanti is about to be completed. We have a rice project. These are not promises, but tangible things you can see,” said the agriculture, water and forestry minister.

He said no political party in Namibia has the political clout to challenge Swapo in terms of service delivery and he also appealed to Swapo members to refrain from violence and intimidation during the ongoing campaigns.

“As a respectable and well informed voter above 18 and a Namibian citizen go out there and vote for Swapo. We would also like to urge our members to have peaceful campaigns as well, ” urged Mutorwa.

The three candidates among five from the Zambezi Region on the Swapo list who are poised to go to parliament next year – Mary Masule, Margaret Mahoto and James Sankwasa – were present at the rally.

Margaret Mahoto said: “Since independence the party has brought development such as roads, schools and potable water. We have free primary education.”

James Sankwasa noted that Swapo is a party beyond ethnic lines, insinuating that the RDP youth leader Sibuku Malumbano would soon join the ruling party.

“Swapo Party belongs to every citizen of this country. Don’t be afraid to join Swapo because you feel it belongs to a certain tribe. Even Sibuku Malumbano who was RDP, is he still RDP? Just wait and see what will happen,” said Sankwasa.

However when contacted for comment Malumbano denied having plans to join the ruling party, dismissing the claims as mere rumours.

“It’s not true. Even though we have problems in the RDP and the matter has been referred to the courts I have no intention of joining another party. I remain a member of RDP,” said Malumbano.

Malumbano hails from Sibbinda an area that was once seen as one of the gholds of RDP.

He was a contender for constituency councillor for Sibbinda but lost to Swapo candidate Ignatius Chunga in 2012 in a by-election following the demise of councillor Felix Mukupi.

Source : New Era