MVA rolls out N.dollars 200 million in accident claims only

The Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA Fund) has paid out close to N.dollars 200 million in accident claims in 2014, compared to N.dollars 143 million for the same period during 2013.

This was revealed by the fund’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Rosalia Martins-Hausiku, in an interview with Nampa on Tuesday.

It was also recorded that by the end of November last year, the Fund paid out close to N.dollars 3 million in funeral grants.

Martins-Hausiku said the fund had only budgeted N.dollars 65 million on medical and hospital expenses by November 2014, but provisions were made for about N.dollars 119 million that was initially reserved for lower treatment costs.

Over servicing and over charging by service providers, Martins-Hausiku said, are some of the highest drivers of the fund’s medical bills.

She noted that the fund has been engaging service providers in the country on the high charges which are sometimes not consistent with their rates.

“We have started engaging service providers and even blacklisting some of them,” Hausiku said.

She further said the fund have become aggressive on the length patients stay in hospitals, since some patients over-stay in wards.

She noted that in some cases, patients stay about two to three days in hospitals without being attended to by a doctor.

According to recent road accident statistics, released earlier this year, some 1 000 people were injured in road accidents during the festive season between 22 November 2014 and 04 January 2015.

About 30 percent of the injured people sustained serious and life threatening injuries, resulting in the escalation of hospital and medical bills.