N$1.8 Million Fraud Case Set for Plea

The case in which five people stand accused of stealing N$1.8 million from the house of an Oshakati West businessman in July last year is set for plea on July 9.

The incident happened while the victim was away.

Hilya Shikesho, 35, Josef Haitembu, 27, Eva Ndjuluwa, 29, Nangenda Simon, 29, and Johannes Uugwanga popularly known as Shindjami are accused of stealing cash as well as gold, among other goods.

The two female accused Shikesho and Ndjuluwa are out on bail while the rest of the group are remanded in custody.

The group was arrested after spending a weekend feasting on the ill-gotten cash which they liberally splurged on loose women, furniture and building materials to build shebeens and buy stock for their shebeens.

In addition, the loot was also splurged on cars while shack dwellers were reportedly regaled on booze.

Similarly, shebeen patrons were also regaled with foul language but in similar doses plied with free alcohol.

The last suspect, Johannes Uugwanga was arrested after police recovered N$100 000 he had given to a 22-year-old relative from Iimono village near Elim for safekeeping.

The money was found buried in a pillow.

Uugwanga was arrested on August 7. He was found in bed with his girlfriend when the police raided a certain house in Ongwediva.

The police regional commander Commissioner Ndahangwapo Kashihakumwa at the time informed New Era that Uugwanga had been to Erongo, Khomas, Opuwo and Okavango to seek refuge and he was en route to Rundu when his life on the run came to a grinding halt.

“He had planned his return to Rundu this morning, but unfortunately even the walls in Oshana have eyes and ears and as usual we got information from the public,” said Kashihakumwa at the time.

The police also arrested a taxi driver a certain “Gwashe” who transports customers to and from Oshakati and Okahao.

“Gwashe” was arrested for being an accomplice in transporting Uugwanga while he was in Ongwediva.

Magistrate Helena Ekandjo presided while Petrine Hango prosecuted.

Nangenda Simon was on Wednesday also convicted of 30 months imprisonment in Oshakati Magistrates Court on a separate matter. Simon was arrested for housebreaking with the intent to steal on February 3 last year.

Simon was found in possession of goods including a Mac laptop, fish and chicken all valued at N$28 000.

A flat was broken into during the day while one of the owners had gone to work. However, when she returned home for lunch the flat was broken into.

Magistrate Vivian Ndlovu presided while Petrine Hango prosecuted.

Source : New Era