N$500 Fine for Theft

A 21-year-old man was on the receiving end of Magistrate John Sindano’s graces when he was sentenced to a fine of N$500 or 30 days in jail on a conviction of theft.

Barakus Akuunda pleaded guilty before Sindano on a charge of stealing two computer screens, two keyboards and five cables worth N$494.00 from his employer. He was allegedly found with the stolen items in a riverbed between Dorado Valley and Windhoek West. The stolen items belong to Martin Beukes and were recovered. Akuunda’s elder brother paid the fine. “The accused did not waste the court’s time with a drawn-out court process and pleaded guilty at the first opportunity granted to him which is a sign of remorse”, Sindano said when he sentenced Akuunda. He said while the offence of theft is becoming prevalent and is seen as very serious in the eyes of the courts, it won’t do anyone any good to send the accused to jail directly.

However, he said the courts are faced daily with a barrage of theft cases and a deterrent is asked for by society who cries out for assistance from the courts. He also said that Akuunda is a youthful first offender who lost his employment as a direct result of the offence which is considered part of the punishment, although not part of the sentence. Public Prosecutor Nasilele Siyambango informed the court the accused in fact bit the hand that fed him and that it is aggravating that Akuunda stole from his employer. She recommended a fine of N$900.

Source : New Era