’Naanda Will Not Restrict Her Movements to Windhoek’

Aocate Richard Metcalfe of Metcalfe Attorneys has written a letter to TransNamib lawyers, Koumlpplinger Boltman Legal Practitioners, that his client, Sara Naanda – the suspended CEO of TransNamib, will not restrict her movements to Windhoek.

Naanda was notified of her suspension in a letter signed by the chairperson of the board, Dr Pieter Oosthuizen, dated October 30.

In the suspension letter, Naanda is required to be reachable at all times on her cellphone number – even at short notice.

“You are not to leave the Windhoek area during normal working hours without previous permission obtained from the board chairman,” the letter states, informing her that she should obtain permission in writing if she wants to leave the district of Windhoek.

“Naanda will approach the Labour Commissioner for assistance and relief in this matter,” Metcalfe’s letter adds.

The letter further states that “our client’s procedurally and substantively unfair suspension was contrived when she investigated the appointment of Johan Piek as executive turnaround project manager and queried his role vis-a-vis herself as chief executive officer.

“Her suspension was done in order to conceal the illegal actions of the board of directors in the appointment of Piek and has been contrived to constructively dismiss her.

“It is interesting to note that our request for various board resolutions authorising the present suspension of our client and your authorisation by the board to represent Transnamib are simply withheld,” the letter adds.

Hippy Tjivikua, the executive for Strategy amp Stakeholder Management is the acting CEO.

Source : New Era