NAC Agents, Arrested Over Fake Passports

Two Namibia Airports Company (NAC) agents and two Somalis were arrested on Saturday night at Hosea Kutako International Airport after they allegedly issued tickets to the Somalis travelling on fake passports.

Air Namibia’s managing director Theo Namases has confirmed the arrest, saying the four were being held at the Hosea Kutako police.

The two agents, whose names cannot be revealed at this stage until they appear in court, allegedly issued boarding tickets to the Somalis and failed to realise that their passports were fake.

The Somalis were travelling to Frankfurt.

Namases further said this is not a new thing in the industry and that numerous airports have experienced similar incidences and since individuals have to go through different channels, it is hard to pinpoint who could be at fault.

“It is usually a collaborated thing, where people working in different departments are guilty of letting individuals with fake documents through, but we are addressing the matter,” she said, adding that because of its broad nature, they will need to consult all the departments to devise a plan on how to tackle this problem.

The airport has, in the past, experienced incidents where passengers who would have travelled on fake passports on Air Namibia to Frankfurt were picked up on arrival.

Some of the passengers were then deported, costing the national airline at least N$20 000 per passenger.

“It is a cause for great concern, and the company had to pay a lot of money once these people are deported to Namibia,” she said.

Police Inspector Stephan Nuuyi said they have not been informed of the incident yet. He, however, said they had an unconfirmed report about some Arabs people who wanted to bribe a person who took them food so that they could be released.

“We are not entirely sure what transpired and about the amount of money the Arab wanted to bribe the food porter with. However, the two Arabs are currently being held at HKA holding cells,” Nuuyi said

NAC’s spokesperson Dan Kamati said he did not have any knowledge about the incident.

Source : The Namibian