Nacoma to Raise Money for Coastal Enviro Scholarship Fund

THE Namibian Coast Conservation and Management (Nacoma) Project will raise funds for its Coastal Environmental Scholarship Fund.

The fund-raising event is one of the activities of Part II of the Coastal Biodiversity Week, which started at Swakopmund on Saturday with a street procession, Nacoma public communication officer Caty Shemuvalula said.

Part II of the Coastal Biodiversity Week is being held under the theme: “Raise Your Voice, Not Sea Level” and it is aimed at raising awareness and encourage education regarding the conservation of the coastal biodiversity and sustainable development in harmony with nature.

The fund-raising for the Coastal Environmental Scholarship will be done at a gala dinner on the 19th September at the Swakopmund Hotel and Entertainment Centre.

“We would like to invite companies, institutions and organisations to attend the gala dinner by purchasing a table for 10 people towards the contribution to the Coastal Environmental Scholarship Fund. Each table will cost N$6,500. Individuals who would like to attend are also encouraged to buy individual tickets for N$650,00 per person,” said Shemuvalula.

Other activities that will be held during the Coastal Biodiversity Week are the screening of environmental films, the crowning of Mr and Miss Coastodian, the creative recycling competition and an international coastal clean-up with the Recycling Namibia Forum being involved this year.

The Coastal Biodiversity Week ends on 20th September.

*Absalom Shigwedha is a Namibian freelance environmental journalist. E-mail:

Source : The Namibian