NAGN Aises Ministries to Take Care of the Artworks

The National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) Curator, Luness Mpunwa, is appealing to government ministries to take care of the artworks, which will be official handed over to them next month.

Art Inside is an art project for government art awareness initiated by the NAGN in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture (MYNSSC). The project came about when funds were availed by the ministry to purchase original Namibian visual arts for installation in all ministries, and other government offices end of last year. In doing so, Art Inside provides Namibian artists with a much-need incentive and opportunity.

Speaking at a talk and slide show on the importance of the newly acquired art works last Thursday at the NAGN, Mpunwa emphasised that it’s very important for the ministry to keep inventory of their artworks. “It is very important to maintain constant locations for the art works at various offices within the ministry and make sure that identifying documentation is with them and they are given their accession number. The accession files must contain information that is available about them,” she said adding that stock controllers in the ministries should also aim to establish records about each of the items or art works in the ministries.

Mpunwa also encouraged the ministries to prevent damage and deterioration of the art works, and kindly asked them to avoid boiling kettle closer to the art works since the steam forms moulds which would eventual cause damage to the art works.

“In order to provide care, we must always be vigilant and taking or using common sense approach to care for these art works, for example do to not smoke, or lean on the art work,” she appealed.

The Public Relations Officer of the NAGN, Selma Kaulinge, says almost 200 pieces will be handed over to the ministries with each receiving five to seven artworks. The artworks reflect the diversity of the Namibian people, landscapes and natural resources, portrayed through different mediums including painting, sculpture, photography, prints and craft. The range of art works selected also highlight that Namibian artists possess the capacity to create work of an excellent standard.

Source : New Era