Naidjala Vs Hilongwa – It Will Be Blood, Sweat and Tears … July 26, Windhoek Country Club

Following months of speculation, local boxing fans can finally look forward to a bumper night of sizzling brawling action where blood, sweat and tears will be the array of the day.

It’s confirmed, come July 26, Immanuel ‘Prince’ Naidjala will put his coveted World Boxing Organisation (WBO) Africa Bantamweight title at stake, when he lock horns with Joseph ‘Smokey Joe’ Hilongwa, in what could go down in history as one of the biggest fights between the two Namibian pugilists.

With the Windhoek Country Club Resort amp Casino as the host venue, local boxing lovers have finally been handed an opportunity to witness firsthand as action unfolds between the attack-minded Naidjala and the equally aggressive but somewhat defense-minded Hilongwa in the long awaited mega-bout. During yesterday’s press conference, the two boxers wasted little time and quickly got down to their usual trash talking, with Hilongwa promising to send Naidjala to the cleaners if he makes a slight mistake.

“This is my time to shine, I will be the new champion come July 26. Prince is a good ‘Kid’ with a brave heart but it will not be easy because I will make sure he surrenders his title before the 12th round,” cautioned Hilongwa. At the other end of the table, a very relaxed Naidjala said he was well prepared and looking forward to the fight, adding that he knows the importance of the fight and what Hilongwa is capable of and thus he won’t be giving Hilongwa a chance to breath.

Also spitting venom was Sakaria ‘Desert Storm’ Lucas who takes on compatriot Tommy ‘Show man’ Nakashimba for the Featherweight National title, currently held by Nakashimba. A confident Nakashimba promised to pour fire on Lucas before making sure he goes into early retirement. However, Lucas was quick to verbally shoot back at Nakashima, saying he will punish him round by round until Nakashimba’s corner throws in the towel.

Source : New Era