Nakara workers’ strike continues

WINDHOEK: Leather manufacturing company Nakara’s employees are adamant that they will continue their strike until their demands are met.

Some 120 employees commenced the work stoppage at the company in the capital on Monday, saying they are unhappy with their work environment as they are labouring under harsh conditions.

The disgruntled workers say their work environment is unsafe, and the treatment they receive from their employers was totally discouraging.

The employees each earn about N.dollars 5 000 per month, and are demanding a 10 per cent salary increase and a transport allowance of N.dollars 170 each.

Rahana Tjeriko, who has been working at Nakara for over 15 years, claimed employees only received a word of thanks and ‘peanuts’ from their employers after Nakara was awarded the prestigious ‘Tannery of the Year Award in Africa’ during 2011 for its technical innovation and commitment to its workers and the community.

“They (employers) try to bribe us to think that we are treated well here by bringing in a doctor to do medical check-ups on us, but the only thing the doctor does is ask us how we feel, and they do not do any physical examinations on us,” Tjeriko stressed.

The workers furthermore said they do not receive any transport benefits, and have to walk to and from work.

One of them was allegedly recently stabbed while walking home from work.