Namas Entries Increase

THE NAMAs this year received 271 more entries than last year, making it 835 entries compared to the 564 received last year.

Additionally, the NAMAs organising committee proudly announced that the prize money for best female and male award winners has been increased to N$100 000 each with a possible 50% increase for the rest of the categories.

“The [increase in entries] bears testimony to the confidence the artists have in the professionalism, transparency and fairness of the NAMAs,” NAMAs executive chairperson Tim Ekandjo said.

Ekandjo further said that a total of 246 artists entered in the different available categories while a total of 377 albums were entered.

“Exactly four years ago when we announced that all entries must now be on an album, we faced a lot of resistance and scepticism that this rule would lower the number of participants, but the number of album entries is testimony that the music industry has been very busy and that the NAMAs have encouraged album releases,” Ekandjo said.

A total of 103 single albums were entered in the Best Single category while a total of 100 newcomers entered the Best Newcomer category.

The next step is the vetting process, which will be conducted by a steering committee consisting of industry experts and representatives from different record labels, who volunteered to be part of the process.

The vetting process is put in place to make sure that all 835 entries comply with the rules and regulations of the NAMAs, which are: the artist must be Namibian, has to be entered in the correct category, must be on a valid album, the album must qualify in terms of the prescribed timelines which is 1 December 2013 to 31 November 2014.

Should the entry not comply with any of the rules it is the prerogative of the steering committee to disqualify the entry, which means it will not even reach the judging stages.

Ekandjo emphasised that the members of the steering committee are not the same members on the judging panel.

The steering committee does not judge the entries but qualifies the entries.

The seven public voting categories are still open for public voting and the NAMAs have received 3 507 SMS votes so far, with the Song of the Year category leading the pack with the most votes, followed by the Entertainment Journalist of the Year, Most Disciplined Artist, Most Popular Artist, Entertainment DJ of the Year, Best Live Performance, and Best Musical Event.

The public can still vote until March. The NAMAs take are scheduled for 1 and 2 May, the town and venue for this year’s event will be announced within the next two weeks.

Source : The Namibian