Nambelela Beaten to RDP Youth Top Job

RALLY for Democracy and Progress youth league elected Marvin Veseevete secretary at the weekend, but the result was not well accepted by another contestant Monica Nambelela, who walked out with five other delegates in protest.

Veseevete was elected during the league’s convention held in Windhoek at Katutura Community Hall attended by about 156 delegates from 12 of the 14 regions.

Nambelea, who along with Delwin Owoseb, also contested the position of secretary got 54 votes while Owoseb garnered four votes with Veseevete scooping 95 votes.

Other positions up for grabs were that of the deputy secretary and members of the central committee as well as delegates to the national extraordinary congress.

Justine Itoolwa, won the deputy secretary post, with 54 votes beating Heiki Shilongo (47 votes) and Owoseb (30 votes) to second and third positions respectively.

Speaking to The Namibian yesterday, youth league’s preparatory committee chairperson Nicanor Njoze described the atmosphere during the election process as peaceful and enthusiastic.

He said it was a huge surprise to many that Nambelela lost to Veseevete, especially since she had always been confident and very much involved in party activities.

“In the end, people voted for the person they felt would take the youth wing to the top and not the person who will use the league’s leadership for personal purposes. I guess one can say that,” said Njoze.

Veseevete, who expressed gratitude to the delegates, was suspended from the league’s leadership in 2013 for his support of Kandy Nehova.

Nehova was at the time challenging retired Hidipo Hamutenya for the party’s presidency.

Veseevete was suspended with Sibuku Malumbano and Steve Kevanhu. They took the matter to court and had their suspensions lifted in time for them to take part in the league’s convention, where Nambelela was elected the league’s secretary.

A local daily this year reported that the RDP’s central committee nullified its entire leadership elected during the 2013 convention.

Veseevete said past elections especially those of 2013 were haphazard and had covered up a lot of wrong things, something which should not be repeated.

“I do not hold grudges, despite my suspension and all events of the past. We will unite and take this party to the position of influence that it had when it was created during 2007,” said Veseevete.

When asked about Nambelela’s walk out, Veseevete said she had walked out after the votes where announced and she tried to get all 54 people who voted for her to walk out with her but only five followed her.

“I think the youth are starting to understand the importance of unity. Sometimes it is not easy accepting loss but it is now water under the bridge. Any bad blood will be dealt with in due time so that the party can focus on other important things,” said Veseevete.

He said in the past the party had wasted a lot of time and money on court cases when it should have been focusing on campaigning hence the humiliating loss it suffered in the last elections.

Nambelela was unreachable by phone yesterday and messages left on her phone went unanswered.

Source : The Namibian