Namib Mills sponsors Kapuka sports tournament

OHANGWENA: Namib Mills is investing N.dollars 400 000 in the popular Annual Kapuka Schools’ Sports Tournament that will be hosted at Helao Nafidi in the Ohangwena Region this weekend.

This was revealed during the launch of the tournament at the Ponhofi Senior Secondary School (SSS) in Helao Nafidi’s Ohangwena suburb, where Namib Mills was on Monday officially announced as the main sponsor of the tournament for the next three years.

The company has put aside N.dollars 81 000 as prize money for the winners of this year’s tournament.

The investment includes the installation of solar spotlights to the value of N.dollars 200 000 at the Ponhofi SSS sports field, which is the venue of the tournament.

The spotlights will enable games to continue after sunset, unlike before when activities had to be wrapped up earlier in the day.

As part of its investment, Namib Mills is also to finance the fencing-off of the same sports field to the cost of N.dollars 110 000, and a name board to the value of N.dollars 17 000.

The official launch of the Annual Kapuka Schools’ Sports Tournament 2014, which was also attended by the Oukwanyama traditional authority’s leader, Queen Martha Mwadinomho waKristian yaNelumbu, and chairperson of her council, George Nelulu, heard that Namib Mills has been upgrading the said sports field over the past month.

The tournament has been hosted at Ponhofi SSS since its inception in 1996, and it continues to attract sports fans from all over Namibia such as Otavi, Grootfontein, Keetmanshoop and Windhoek.

With the company sponsoring the tournament for the next three years, it has been renamed to the Namib Mills Kapuka Tournament.

A media statement issued by the company’s public relations officer, Ilena Peter revealed that the company decided on Ponhofi SSS (which organises the tournament) due to the fact that it is one of the few schools in northern Namibia that caters for different sports codes such as football, netball, basketball and volleyball.

“As part of our social corporate responsibility, we believe in giving back to the community in which we operate. Today we are giving back something meaningful, something the community can be proud of for years to come,” said Namib Mills’ chief executive officer, Ian Collard, during the launch.

The company will also donate staple food, including pasta, rice, maize meal and sugar, to the learners who will be accommodated at Ponhofi SSS for the duration of the tournament.

The school will in addition be added to Namib Mills’ feeding programme, whereby it will receive staple food every month to feed learners staying in the hostel.